A stroll along Sandhead beach….

Not so much sunshine around today just little glimpses here and there but we cannot complain. Today we are visiting our last beach on The Rhinns, there are a few that we have missed as I just could not see a way of getting to them or access was blocked by some ‘coos’ but Sandhead here we come!

A wonderful long stretch of dune backed beach. Soft white sand and at low tide, literally miles of wet sand. There were a few people around at the village end of the beach.

Beyond the village perimeter our favourite kind of empty beach.

A couple of miles along the beach, we came upon a river dividing the beach of Sandhead from Luce Sands stretching back across to The Machars, much of this section was closed off for Military use.

A fitting end to our stay here on the Rhinns of Galloway – definitely a firm favourite region of our journey.

Two thoughts of the day:

The rest of Scotland has got quite a lot to live up to now!

Did I say? That poaching spoon I bought? Rubbish! The white oozed through the holes and the yolk was over cooked before the white all set and to cap it all you would have needed a chisel to get the white residue off! Suffice to say – I didn’t bother with the chisel they are in the bin!

3 thoughts on “A stroll along Sandhead beach….

  1. I know it’s a long way off (weeks or months yet) but I hope you have a visit planned to Poolewe, C & CC have a site called Inverewe Gardens (we worked there in 2017) it has stunning views of Loch Ewe it does get busy though, and the NT’s Inverewe Gardens across the road is well worth a visit.


  2. I hope you have a visit planned to Poolewe, the C & CC have a site called Inverewe Gardens which has stunning views over Loch Ewe, we worked there in 2017 so maybe a little biased!!! It’s a few weeks or more likely months yet though before you’ll be close to it depending on your route but it does get busy there. The NT’s Inverewe Gardens (sadly not dog friendly though) is just up the road and well worth a visit, check out the perfume factory too not far away near Altbea (good food there).


    • Thank you – it is on my list but I think it will be next year before I get that far!! Glad to hear any recommendations all noted for some point in the future! Enjoy the Season!


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