Today? well Drumbreddan Bay of course….

Oh yes! Another corker of a day though please be assured I am not taking this sunshine for granted but hey! Well after spending a couple of hours sorting out my photos, a little jobette that I have neglected since mid March (well I have been busy!) we took a short drive and parked up at Low Clachanmore Woods. From there our destination was a good couple of miles walk along the lanes through open farmland – it is really quite lovely wandering along the lanes with no traffic and the only sound being birdsong, sheep and coos (nicely contained coos!).

There it is – Drumbreddan Bay, some lovely white sand, backed by stones in a sheltered cove.

I had taken a ball down for Poppydog but she was in luck and found an abandoned football – ideal I’ll just sit in the sun, block out her constant yapping and let her wear herself chasing the football about.

Though I did have to coax her back in from the sea as at one point I felt she had probably been in the water long enough, though she was blissfully quiet!

A lovely 5 mile stroll which we rounded off with a quick trip down to Port Logan to see it with the tide going out and in the sunshine – it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Two thoughts of the day:

Sometimes you just know when a photo is going to be breathtaking…

I have always hoped that maybe there was an artist in me and I just had to find the right medium – maybe it is this – capturing a moment?

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