A wander down to Port of Spittal Bay…..

Oh yes – it is sunny again – happy days! Today we are on our way to find the beach of Port of Spittal, somewhere just shy of Portpatrick, but first we have to sit in a cow-a-jam, so glad we weren’t caught in the middle of that little huddle!We ended up parking right down by the bay at the little hotel, Knockinaam Lodge (with their kind permission of course) and took a walk up to the cliff top footpath towards Portpatrick .

It was stunning up the top but unfortunately our walk was cut short as the footpath entered a field with – yep cows or should I say coos!! Ah well, guess we’ll have to go down and play on the beach instead!

And that we did, not the prettiest of beaches as it was stones and shingle rather than sandy but in a pretty little valley and we had it to ourselves.

I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon!

Two thoughts of the day:

There is so much sky here – maybe that is why the sea is so blue?

Coos Coos I think I might be becoming paranoid or obsessed?

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