From Kirkmandrine Chapel to Float Bay….

Oh yes, sunny again, a bit chilly in the breeze at times but we are being very spoilt! Today we set off to take a look at the Kirkmadrine Stones and Church.

The eight stones include three of the oldest Christian memorials in Scotland dating back some 1500 years and encased in the entrance of the closed up church.

Unfortunately encased behind glass making photography nigh on impossible! We decided to leave the car here and walk the couple of miles down the lanes through open countryside to this little gem.

How fabulous, almost like a private beach and accessed down a gated private lane. Fortunately there was a chap in the garden of a cottage up the top who said that it was ok to walk on down to the beach otherwise we probably wouldn’t have ventured on down.

I’m so pleased we did – not surprisingly there was no one else down here and with the exception of a layer of slimy seaweed at the high tide mark, I would say, in my humble opinion, that Float Bay is pretty much perfect!

So we made the most of this lovely sunny afternoon, gorgeous empty beach and did … well just beachy things!

Not a bad place for a second home!

Two thoughts of the day:

There doesn’t seem to be any coastal path along this west side of the Rhinns and so reaching some of these little beaches is proving to be a bit problematic – still I’m sure you will agree – not a bad problem to have!

A definite location to add to the ideal holiday list,

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