Oh my word – just look at Ardwell Bay….

And the sun keeps on shining – how lucky are we? Plans are made to be broken, especially here – we found Ardwell Bay down a rather rough gravel single track road on the opposite side of the Rhinns (the west) to Ardwell itself. Lesser mortals would have turned back and walked (not that you could turn back!) but both Mr O S and a rather small road sign indicated that there was parking down at the cove and indeed there was – but more importantly look at this magnificent beach…Just everything a beach should be – marram grass covered dunes, soft white sand leading to milky wet sand and clear turquoise waters – oh yes and empty!!

Well for a while, we had the beach to ourselves and we pottered about with Poppydog as keen to chase the ball as though she hadn’t done so for a lifetime – well since yesterday at least!

It was lovely and sheltered and warm and though looking very tempting, just a toe in was enough to tell me that the water is as cold as I thought it would be! As another couple of cars appeared in the car park we decided to take a walk along the footpath leading southwards (there doesn’t seem to be one northwards which is where my plan failed as I had intended for us to walk along to Float Bay a couple of miles north of here).

We started out by walking along a wide grassy ledge only about 5 metres above the sea but this ledge gradually got narrower and after barely a mile we arrived at a full stop!

Now I don’t always let an obstacle such as this put me off, however where the coastal path is concerned, I feel caution is quite justified and so we turned about and reclaimed the now empty again beach!

Well my mileage is certainly going to be down this week but Poppydog is keeping the flag flying!

Two thoughts of the day:

I write this blog a little begrudgingly – I don’t want too many people to know about this fabulous beach!

There is a fly in the van – one of has to leave!

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