Kilstay Bay to Cairngarroch Bay at Drummore…..

Another fabulous day, though the stiff breeze is back so we mostly needed a jacket but hey if the sun is out and it is not raining, I’m happy. Today we drove about 3 miles down the road and parked above Kilstay Bay, a huge sandy Bay at low tide, backed as usual by stones and with some stony areas but still plenty of sand. The beach was empty so Poppydog was free to run and run.

We walked from one end to the other, with Poppydog mostly tearing around chasing unsuspecting seabirds as they begrudgingly flew from one spot to another.

At the south end of the beach, rather than rejoin the coastal path we clambered our way across the rocks and stones around Inchmore Point to join the rather splendid and equally deserted Drummore Bay.

Wandering through this sleepy village (sadly quite a few properties seem to be boarded up) around the currently dry little harbour to the Quay Beach.

After a further scramble over stones and around Back Bore Point, yet another beautiful Bay – Cairngarroch.

Here it was relatively sheltered from the breeze, with some lovely white soft sand above the stone line, again completely empty and so we decided to stay awhile and enjoy.

Can you believe this – four big beaches all completely empty – where is everyone?

As we reluctantly headed for home, we decided to follow the coastal path back (mainly to avoid scrambling over all the stones) and were rewarded by lovely views of Drummore and the bay.

Oh yes and one of those through the grass shots I so love.

5.5 miles of glorious beaches – makes me so happy!

Two thoughts of the day:

Well I for one am falling in love with The Rhinns and I think Poppydog is enjoying life here too!

A seasonal pitch here is quite appealing.

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