From Ardwell to Sandhead Bay…..

Wet again over night but dry this morning with more and more sunshine as the day progressed and less wind – ideal the shorts get to live another day! Today we popped in the car for a couple of miles to the picnic area at Ardwell and caught a little bit of sand on Chapel Rossan Bay before we set off along the Galloway Trail from where we last left off.

As before the footpath slips on and off the beach as bits of it have succumbed to the sea whilst in other areas it is rapidly disappearing in greenery but we stuck with it – Poppydog mostly free to run along the shore whilst I negotiate the path. Shortly we arrive in Drumantrae Bay.

Poppydog sets to and does a great job in disturbing all the seabirds happily feeding or basking at the sea edge as we make our way along the beach.

After about 3 miles we arrive at the far end of Sandhead Bay, where a crescent of sand continues into the distance where eventually it meets Luce Sands on the other side of the Military Range. We walked there from Stairhaven just over a week ago (whilst at Garlieston).

We shall enjoy a walk along Sandhead Bay another time, now though it is time for a sit down for me and a game of chasing stones for Poppydog.

What a lovely bay with the inky blue Galloway Hills in the background – a lovely 7 mile walk for us.

Two thoughts of the day:

The soles of my feet have become quite tender with all this walking over stones, I wonder if it affects Poppydog? It certainly doesn’t appear to!

It is no wonder that this Galloway Trail is looking so neglected – yet again I didn’t meet anyone walking either way!

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