The Mull of Galloway is just breathtaking….

Still a little rain in the air this morning but a dry afternoon and I think the wind is dropping. As the tides are still high in the afternoons, we decided to head out to the Mull of Galloway where the tide is not really important and this is the most southerly point of Scotland.

Gallie Craig. Where apparently a family of foxes have lived for many generations, playing on the grassy ledges and of course preying on the young birds nesting there. Just a whisker away from the lighthouse.

On a clear day apparently you can see Cumbria and Ireland – I really squinted but no! But I could see the smokey blue outlines of the Galloway Hills.

An interesting fact – I am only 33 miles nearer John ‘o Groats (285 miles) than Lands End (318) – well fancy that!

After a good wander around we made our way to East Tarbet Bay for a bit of a play.

No sand at the moment as the tide is fully in but we did see sand on the beach on our way past to the Mull.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is something quite magical standing on the edge of ‘the Earth’ and just gazing out at all that sea and sky, with maybe just a glimpse of land in the distance – or not?

An aerial view of the Mull would be stunning – you get a feel for it driving out there but not something that a ground level photo could do justice to.

3 thoughts on “The Mull of Galloway is just breathtaking….

  1. We nearly bought the Mull of Galloway lighthouse in one of our forays into alternative lifestyle! It is in such a commanding position and I love that the outbuildings were chained down to stop them from blowing away… It is the sort of place where you experience the weather rather than see it. It really makes you feel alive.
    We were married on the rocks outside Corsewall Lighthouse. Give Corsewall our love if you get there!


    • How fantastic – would certainly have been a stunning place to live! I am really enjoying the remoteness here – hardly see a soul whilst out walking – I look forward to seeing Corsewall! I guess you are still grounded but hope you are all well x

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      • We are all wonderfully well, thank you, but still grounded! I am hoping to get back into the writing and blogging again, though. All the best to you and enjoy the Borders. It is another wonderful place that is so often overlooked by people speeding through to the Highlands.

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