A walk over the Rhinns to Port Logan….

A bit of a mizzog day, grey, wet and windy but whatever. Appropriately booted and suited (oh yes and back in jeans!) we set off to walk from the site over the spine of the peninsula to Port Logan on the other side.

It was a couple of miles walk along a quiet single track lane through open farmland, until this little beauty came into sight.

How lovely – even at high tide a nice strip of soft sand – imagine this on a sunny day?

We wandered around the bay to get a closer look at the lighthouse (now disused judging by the lack of light!) at the end of the harbour wall.

And back across the bay at the two rows of cottages that makes up Port Logan. There was a pub at the end of the front row of cottages, unfortunately closed up and for sale, which is a shame.

Much to Poppydog’s delight we went down onto the beach and walked back around the bay on the beach – chasing stones and seabirds as we went.

What a beautiful little village and bay – I look forward to seeing it in the sun and at low tide.

Time to head back – oh wait this Red Hot Poker thinks it’s summertime.

A lovely 6 mile excursion and somehow the rain didn’t matter.

Two thoughts of the day:

What a find! This will definitely be added to our list of little gems.

Need to think of a way to catalogue these little gems – hmmm?

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