A walk to the south towards Drummore….

A bit wet overnight and some pretty heavy showers during the day. As it looked grey but dry we tackled the Coastal Path again, this time heading southwards towards Drummore. As before the Path was a hit and miss affair and mostly either over the stony top of the beach or a path of stones through the undergrowth. Not an issue for Poppydog as she was happily chasing seabirds along the waters edge. After a couple of miles the footpath entered a strip of woodland – resplendent in bluebells – how delightful.

The tide was fully in so the various beaches we walked along remain hidden to be discovered another day, though we did just capture the site sitting along New England Bay before it began to rain and we made a hasty retreat!

A bit of a scramble for 6.5 miles rather than a walk but we were only a little damp on our return so all is well.

Two thoughts of the day:

Ok greyness, wet stuff and chill factor – time to move on!

Got a great spot on this site – can’t even see another van!

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