Heading north to Ardwell…

A mostly sunny day with a fair bit of cloud and that brisk cold wind blowing but you’ll be pleased to hear I am hanging on in there with the shorts! Straight from site we followed the coastal path northwards, the tide is fully in, so there was only a shallow bit of beach (all stony) below the path. Now when I say the coastal path, please don’t expect the pretty organised affairs of England and Wales, this was very overgrown, lumpy and narrow, completely disappearing in places leaving us to clamber over the stony beach – but hey ho!

Poppydog happily scampered along the beach leaving me to wobble along untethered, under the watchful eye of these basking sea birds.

After about 3 miles we came to the village of Ardwell and Chapel Rossan Bay, apparently sandy but still very much covered in sea at the moment!

Here Poppydog decided to pursue a couple of ducks across the bay much to their disgust!

It was so calm and peaceful, the water beautifully clear, the sun shining and sheltered from the wind – how beautiful – we decided to stay awhile before heading back.

On the way back we decided to follow the path as it did a bit of a detour away from the shore through stunning woodland full of bluebells.

Past some fortunately fenced in but non the less somewhat intimidating cows.

Back down on the beach again to enjoy a run about on the sand now exposed on Portacree Bay.

And making our way back to site after this 6.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

This is more like it, the sea beautiful shades of blue, green and turquoise – it seems a while since we have seen it like this.

Seems like the footpaths are going to be a bit hit and miss so I guess we shall just have to toughen up a bit!

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