A wander around Garlieston Bay…..

A beautiful sun shiny morning, though surprisingly chilly breeze (or so my knees are telling me!) and a bit more cloud around during the afternoon. Again planning to avoid using the car, we set off to walk around Garlieston Bay, a walk we have already done but happy to repeat!

Bearing in mind it is a sunny Bank Holiday Saturday and the caravan site is full, not to mention the folk who live here – where is everyone?

Definitely not complaining just hope I’m not missing something! It was so quiet that I let Poppydog off the lead once we got around the main part of the bay and she happily crashed her way through the woodland around the pathway which follows the northern shoreline – at one point in hot pursuit of a deer but not fast enough as it lept across the neighbouring field and off into another bit of woodland!

She eventually came back gasping for air and in need of a roll around in the long damp grass. We then found a nice spot with great views across Wigtown Bay where Poppydog happily chased scents and small birds whilst I attempted to work out which beach was which in the opposite shore.

Perfect 5 mile jaunt to spend our last day here.

Two thoughts of the day:

Sometimes you just can’t beat a ham salad roll!

We have really enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of The Machars – thank you!

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