A stroll along the lanes to Sorbie Tower….

Well after the spectacular sunset looking across Garlieston Bay yesterday evening….

it was a peaceful night with a bit of light rain through the morning. The afternoon was mostly grey but importantly dry, so we set off inland along the lanes to see Sorbie Tower. Not really sure why, just idle curiosity really, as we have passed the sign to it a number of times whilst out and about. Also it looks to be roughly a 5 to 6 mile round trip. It was pleasant enough wandering along the quiet lanes albeit there was nothing of particular interest, just green pasture and the odd farm as far as the eye could see. After a few miles we turned off the lane and there hidden in amongst the trees..

Sorbie Tower, the 16th C fortified homestead of the ancient Clan of Hannay, now back in the hands of the current Clan of Hannay and subject to a restoration project to turn it into a high end holiday let / entertainment venue.

Some evidence of a previous wedding is apparent through the window openings, though I would say they have a way to go!

Ok so not the most exciting walk but pleasant enough!

Two thoughts of the day:

Fish and chips tonight? Can’t decide.

Sitting here I realise I really should clean all Poppydog’s artwork off the window.

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