Another walk around Rigg Bay….

A cloudy start to the day with more and more sunshine as the day progressed – ideal! Well we have visited everywhere that we planned to from here so we are having a break from driving for the last few days and leave it to the Bank Holidayers.

Things must be looking up, as this morning on our walk we watched a crane lifting some of the local boats into the water for the season.

So if the ‘locals’ believe that summer is here then that is good enough for me! Later we walked along the coastal path beyond the harbour and around Dumbie Point – the sea is totally flat calm, reflecting the tumble of clouds and patches of blue sky.

At Rigg Bay we are lucky enough to find it empty – perfect for a good bit of Poppydog ‘run off some energy time’.

From here we carried on through the edge of Galloway House gardens, peeking into a derelict building to take a look at the view from its windows.Along the narrow strip of woodland running along the shore. The woodland is alive with birdsong, the scent of wild garlic and bluebells and of course Poppydog crashing through the undergrowth (no chance of her catching anything with the element of surprise!).

Through Cruggleton Woods to Sliddery Point to take a look at the magnificent archway of Cruggleton Castle in the distance.

At this point we turned about and made our way back taking in the gardens on our way back to site – a lovely 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Much as I would thoroughly recommend a visit here to enjoy the quiet beauty of the Machar Peninsula, we have decided not to stay – mainly as the two beaches within easy reach are not as beautiful as some others we have seen!

Sorry got to dash – Time for tea!

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