On a bit of a beach hunt to Luce Bay…

Another wet night but a dry albeit mostly grey day so we are off again! Our first port of call was Auchenmalg the far end of the mostly stony bay from Craignarget as according to Mr OS it is sandy – well Mr OS it is not!

We were planning to walk along the coastal path from here, but instead we drove on to the next cove at Stairhaven.

Not much sand here either, still we had a little play before setting off along the lane running adjacent to the shoreline (no evidence of the coastal path). Soon we got our first glimpse of Luce Bay, a huge sandy Bay around the river Luce.

Part of the beach is closed off for Military use (the other side of the river) and after several miles we still hadn’t found a way down to the shore!

Having walked as far as I wanted to we about turned – we shall visit the beach again from further along the coast. Now just a couple of miles back down the road to give Poppydog a well earned run around on Craignarget Beach.

Two thoughts of the day:

How great to know of a back up beach when your day doesn’t quite go to plan!

There are an awful lot of cows here on the Machars – the pasture must be good.

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