Rain stopped play….

A wet and fairly wild night and day, though we clearly swerved Storm Hannah, either that or I slept right through it! Around lunchtime the rain eased a bit so we decided to head out. For a change we drove inland to take a look at Torhouse Stone Circle.

I think it is quite nice that we don’t really know what they are about – I always imagine them to be happy meeting places, sort of all sitting around for a chat!

Unfortunately it is now raining quite heavily again and there is no obvious walk around so we pop to Wigtown for some supplies and then head back to the site.

Another gap in the weather so we take the opportunity for a walk around the surrounding lanes and that is us done for the day – rain on!

Two thoughts of the day:

Ok so I think we have had enough rain to keep the farmers and gardeners amongst us happy for a while.

Such a relief when another storm passes through and we come out the other side.

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