The lovely beaches of Monreith….

Not quite such a nice day with a stiff breeze blowing and mostly overcast. Today we paid a visit to Monreith, barely a village just a few houses, but after parking up in a lay-by our first glimpse of the beach from above told us we were in the right place!

As the beach was empty and with the tide on its way in we decided to make the most of the sand whilst we could and enjoyed over a mile of beach all to ourselves.

Happy to make ‘footsteps in the sand’

And just enjoy this beautiful beach.

After a while, we decided to take a walk along the coastal path, as the incoming tide had made it impossible to negotiate our way around to the next beach without going up onto the headland – however these ‘dog botherers’ had other plans!

Not wishing to argue, the long way round and along the roadside it was. On our way we passed this rather beautiful bronze memorial to Gavin Maxwell (naturalist and author) of Edal the otter from his book ‘Ring of Bright Water’.

From the memorial we got our first look at Front Bay, one of two deserted partly sandy bays on either side of ‘The Lag’, a small headland which is completely used as a golf course.

We continued down the lane to the golf course and then followed a track across the course.

Eventually leading to a small car park (note for next time as we will be back) and this absolute beauty! Back Bay.

Soft sands, some hazy sunshine, sheltered from the breeze and stones – we are both very happy!

A rather circuitous 6 mile walk and three fabulous beaches.

Two thoughts of the day:

We have only just begun our Scottish journey but already it feels so remote and very under visited as though we are discovering places for the first time – how exciting.

There are many semi derelict houses around and no sign of anything other than farming by way of employment which is sad – will these little communities survive?

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