A fabulous walk to Cruggleton Castle….

Another gorgeous day – now I know it is a bit early to be asking this but…. if it could just last until say October? Today we are walking south of Garlieston, beyond Rigg Bay to Cruggleton Castle. As expected the tide was fully in at Rigg Bay.

On the far side of the bay the walk took us through bluebell lined woodland along the shoreline though gently rising as the cliffs rose in height.

After a couple of miles including a power walk through 100m of field occupied by some rather inquisitive but fortunately lazy cows, the remains of Cruggleton Castle came into sight.

All that remains is some rather overgrown low walls and this rather beautiful archway.

Capturing beautifully the view along the headland towards the Isle of Whithorn.

We found a comfy spot to bask in the sunshine for awhile, idly watching this trailer checking or laying pots (like I really know what it was doing!), until we were ready to complete the return journey.

The sea is so unbelievably calm and just eventually melts into the sky.

Or as we come round Sliddery Point across Wigtown Bay to Ringdoo Point (near Brighouse Bay that we visited from Kirkcudbright) and some mountains beyond. Stunning.

As our walk took us back to sea level, we made a detour to a little bay that we had spotted earlier with it’s own ‘infinity pool’ for Poppydog to have a well earned dunk and of course a game of chasing stones.

We finished our walk through the Galloway House gardens, taking a sneaky look over their back fence at this rather splendid house.

8 miles round trip – now a sit down and a cup of tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

It will be a shame to have to get the car out now as we venture further a field but I am excited to see what else this beautiful Machar Peninsula has to offer.

I wonder if the Easter Bunny knows where I am?

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