A walk along the coast from Garlieston….

Poppydog appears to have recovered from her bout of sickness and we both slept soundly through the night waking to a stunning day, sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. Time to get the shorts out! Today we decided to walk along Garlieston bay northwards, away from the village. The tide was fully in and I was surprised to see that it completely covers the bay.

As the road ends we join the footpath along the wooded coastline. The bluebells in full splendour.

After a couple of miles along the footpath we clambered down to a little stony cove just below Castle Head where I sat for awhile enjoying the sun and Poppydog chased stones.

Once we had left the road we didn’t see a single person but I saw a deer and we both saw a rabbit – the deer ran off and Poppydog chased the rabbit!

A lovely 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

I am finding it hard to explain the beauty of this place, it is so peaceful, very little traffic as there is no through road, few people wandering around, mostly holidaymakers enjoying the wonderful bank holiday weather, birds twittering away in the trees and the gentle murmur of the waves – fab.

How lovely to find live music playing outside the site when we went to get our fish and chips this evening – we spent a happy hour sat in the sun on the sea wall listening to the band.

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