A walk round to Rigg Bay….

Another fine day – not exactly heatwave material but with hazy sunshine and a lessening of the breeze, quite warm in the afternoon. We had a rather rubbish night last night as Poppydog has clearly eaten something she shouldn’t and we were in and out of the caravan until after 3am. So a relatively quiet day is in order for both of us! Still the sun is shining so after a rather leisurely morning attending to a bit of a spring clean we set off for a walk from site, this time walking southwards. The footpath took us along the rocky shoreline on the edge of the bluebell lined woodland gardens of Galloway House.

After a mile or so the rocky shoreline opens out to reveal this deep partially sandy bay – a few families enjoying the sunshine but more than enough beach to go around.

We however are going to continue our walk back through the gardens and save the beach for another day.

Walking back to the village along the access lane, we get to see the magnificent Galloway House.

3.5 miles circular route, enough for today.

Two thoughts of the day:

To me daffodils signify the promise of spring but when the primroses and bluebells appear, we’ve made it!

I really hope we get a good nights sleep tonight.

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