A last look at England before we move on….

Another grey day for us today but with less wind do a little warmer. I wanted to pay a visit to the Outlet Village at Gretna today, so we headed in that direction and parked up in Gretna. From the centre of the village (not to be confused with Gretna Green!) we wandered down to where the River Sark joins the Solway estuary.

Why you ask? Well the centre of the River Sark is where the border between Scotland and England lies and I was just curious to see if it looked as significant as it is. The answer is no! The river Sark is the water to the left in the above photo and the River Esk / Solway Firth runs along the top with a little bit of muddy sand on either side! So there you have it.

Rather than wander around Gretna which really isn’t that impressive we wandered along the river bank keeping an eye on the opposite bank (in England) where the sand looked much nicer!

After a couple of miles the footpath ended and we walked back into town along the lanes – not a very inspiring walk today but 4.5 miles of exercise and now off for a bit of retail therapy!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m sure it is a missed opportunity for someone to not make more of our borders? Maybe not a good discussion topic at the moment!

I love poached eggs – the only problem is I have yet to find a successful (and easy) way of making them – I have tried countless microwave gadgets which always seem to cook the yolk and leave the whites too runny and those thingies that you dunk in a pan of boiling water always refuse to surrender up the egg without making a mess. Still I found a new type for dunking in a pan – like a spoon with holes in it – so I shall give it a whirl!

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