So much sand at Sandyhills…

A bit grey today and with a keen wind blowing but we are made of tougher stuff! Off we went to Sandyhills – now uncharacteristically for me, I paid £3 to park the car, having already checked out for any possible free alternatives and come up with nothing, I gave in with good grace but made sure we got our monies worth!!

What a fabulous beach, some soft sand and then just miles and miles of wet sand. Armed with a couple of balls and the thrower (as there aren’t any stones) and safe in the knowledge that the tide is still on its way out, we set off to see how far we could get.

Incidentally walking eastwards this beach arrives at Southerness with a bit of marshland in between but today we are walking westwards. At the end of the Bay is Saltpan Rocks a lovely area of soft sand and dark black rocks – ideal Poppydog playground!Fabulous Rock pools.

As we wandered along the stretch of beach beyond the headland, we found two natural arches.

We then arrived at Portling Bay, another peaceful rocky little cove with just a handful of houses, in places the sandy was a bit muddy.

We attempted to continue on beyond Portling but found that the sand became increasingly muddy and wet, so decided to turn back. Stopping off to shelter from the wind and play ball in a little sandy inlet on the way.

We watched a little sand storm brewing in the corner – quite magical!

And then ventured back out into the full force of the wind for the last stretch of beach – an exhilarating 5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

If this is how busy (not) it gets at Easter then I have high expectations the further north I get.

I wander what the next leg if our journey will bring?

2 thoughts on “So much sand at Sandyhills…

  1. Gorgeous photos, and a lovely trip down memory lane for me. I grew up near here and this was our local beach, I spent many happy days here during summer holidays as a child – really must go back. Thanks for sharing. 😊


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