A walk along the River Annan….

Not quite such a nice day today, mostly overcast with a chilly breeze blowing. For a change we have decided to follow the Annandale Way as it follows the river up from Annan.

As it turned out there is a footpath on either side of the river (so much nicer than having to retrace your steps), both dipping in and out of woodland and very peaceful. We passed a few others out walking but mostly we enjoyed our solitude.

After about 3.5 miles, we arrived at the small village of Brydekirk and crossed the river using the road bridge to begin our return on the opposite bank.

We had the wind in our faces (coming in off the sea) for much of the way back so we feel suitably short of cobwebs!

Two thoughts of the day:

It really isn’t such a great idea going shopping after a long walk – I now have stacks of food that all needs eating within the next couple of days – oh well!

Might just need to check out the Gretna Gateway Outlet Village before we move on – just in case!

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