This is more like it – Rockcliffe…..

Another lovely day and what a fabulous walk. We parked just above Rockcliffe in a lay-by (the car park in the village is free as it turned out!) and wandered the mile or so down into the rather appropriately named village.

A little gem of a place, no shops or pubs just a few tidy houses along the shore and this part sand, part stone and part rocky sheltered cove.

From here we followed the footpath eastwards along the shore to Castlehill Point with spectacular views across the vibrant gorse and a ‘pot of gold’ to Heston Island – beautiful.

Enjoying the solitude of the little rocky coves I n our way there and back.

From Castlehill Point we had spotted what looked like a beach beyond Rockcliffe, so upon our return, we carried on following the footpath through Mark Woods (Rockcliffe is at the end of a lane) for a mile or so until we came out onto the shore again just before Kippford and wow look at this.

A stunning sparkly little beach – not the most comfortable as it is made up of thousands of creamy little clam shells! How delightful and crunchy underfoot!

As Kippford is just around the corner, on we went.

Another delightful village of stone and painted cottages a cafe, a pub and quite a busy looking marina. As for Rockcliffe rather a lot if the properties look to be second homes or holiday lets. A very peaceful and probably rather select resort.

We returned to Rockcliffe taking a last look at the beach (the tide is beginning to recede) before wending our way back up the hill to the car. A very pleasurable 7.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

The WiFi is quite weak here so preparing this blog is proving to be a challenge.

I would add this little corner of the Scottish coastline to my ideal holiday list.

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