We have arrived!! Bonnie Scotland at our feet….

A dry, cloudy and breezy day for us today, ideal for taking to the high road, well ok the M6! We didn’t get away until just after 12, but it was a straight forward journey which took us just over an hour and at about 1pm – we crossed the border into Scotland!

Shortly we arrived at our site for the next 18 nights. A small adult only (tehe! Easter holidays no problem!) site on a fishery just a few hundred yards from the beach.

Once set up we walked down to take a look at the beach.

Probably not the prettiest, still really an estuary rather than the open sea, very stony with lots of weathered bricks but beautifully peaceful.

As we wandered towards the little coastal village of Powfoot, we did find a stretch of sand and very nice it is too!

At Powfoot itself the beach has become marshland though I think there is much more sand exposed at lower tides – time will tell.

We returned to site, happy with our lot after a 4 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Excited to be in Scotland, though I have visited here before it was as a child, so all new territory and lots of beaches!

Also quite excited for a nice fat boy breakfast from the onsite cafe!

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