Snow overnight and a trip to Appleby….

Today we awoke to a slight covering of snow – not a white out by any means but you know snow!

Now today we have planned a trip with a difference – we are off to Appleby-in-Westmorland to see if we can find the farm that Dad spent many a childhood holiday on, as well as a short spell as an evacuee!

A quaint market town, probably most famous for the annual Horse Fair that takes place in June. We wandered around for a while, taking a glimpse of the castle.

Before taking the footbridge across the River Eden.

And heading out of town, once we had gone under the A66, we really were out in the open countryside with lots of snow.

Just sheep and snow really – how beautiful?

After a couple of miles, we found our farm, we didn’t call in because if it is still family owned, it is way to distant for a casual knock on the door – but what a fab place to live and or holiday!

A different but very enjoyable 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

When I set off on this adventure I didn’t imagine that I would get the chance to seek out significant places from my past – what a bonus!

Snow and a bit of a sunset – how beautiful!

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