A walk along Haweswater..

Well it rained and rained overnight but luckily it was all rained out by the time we got up for our morning walkies and stayed mostly sunny, with a couple of sleety showers through the rest of the day. Today we are bound for Haweswater, a large reservoir supplying 25% of the North West’s water. It was originally a natural lake, until the valley was dammed and flooded in 1929, controversially submerging two little farming villages.

We parked up at the top of the lake by the dam with the intention of joining the lakeside footpath as soon as possible, however the footpath turned out to be ‘temporarily closed for safety reasons’ Hah looking at what was left of the footpath over the wall I’d say ‘temporarily’ was a myth!

Still not to worry the lane only leads to the car park at the bottom of the lake and we were passed by maybe five cars in the 3.5 hours walk! The weather swirled in on us a couple of times with a fair splattering of sleet.

And then back out into brilliant, warm sunshine – April showers!

About half way along is Tower Pier, where every one in four cups of tea drunk in the North West starts from.

Beneath the wonderful snowy peaks of High Street, which kept disappearing behind cloud. Towards the end of the lake we found a spot high on the grassy bank to sit for a while in the sunshine and just take in the beauty – not a sound apart from birdsong and not another soul to be seen.

To walk all the way around would be too ambitious for me, so we wandered back the way we came, enjoying every bit of this 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Seeing the weather roll in so quickly must be terrifying when you are up on the peaks. Quite happy to watch it from down below though!

Especially from the warmth and comfort of our little home on wheels!

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