Back to the coast to enjoy Silloth and Skinburness….

Quite a grey day for us today and fairly chilly in the breeze, but as it looked like showers for the rest of the week, we decided to make a dash for the coast. Now when I say dash – let’s say it was a Sat Nav excursion!

Looking at the map there was no obvious route so I left the car Sat Nav to its own devices – off we went and sure enough, two fords and lots of unnamed single track roads later, we arrived at Silloth-on-Solway.

An ugly wide concrete promenade above the stony beach and gently lapping rather brown seawater greeted us with beautiful moody views across the Solway to Scotland.

Walking along the promenade we soon left the village behind, as we ventured further along the Solway to the little village of Skinburness, where the receding tide was exposing sandbanks beyond the stone beach.

We clambered over the sea defences to enjoy this deserted beach.

I just want to say – beautiful, peaceful, tranquil!

We returned to Silloth and took a quick peek at the more sandy West Beach. This beach runs all the way to Allonby Bay and is mostly dune backed – a beach we would have liked to have walked but road closures make this impractical for this trip!this is probably also the most northerly beach (that is on the sea rather than estuary) in North West England.Two thoughts of the day:

This will be our last play on an English beach for probably two and a half years (with the exception of our lovely Cornish sojourn at Christmastime) – how exciting!

Today we sat on the beach almost exactly due south of where we will be staying on our first Scottish site.

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