From Glencoyne to Patterdale….

Not such a nice day today, a touch of frost on the grass first thing and the sun remaining mostly behind the clouds. We drove down to Ullswater and parked up at Glencoyne (NT), following the footpath towards the south end of the lake.

It was a very pretty walk to Glenridding being lakeside all the way.

The village, though small seemed to support all kinds of outdoor pursuits, you could hire motor boats, kayaks or catch the Ullswater Steamer, there is a Sailing Club and there were no end of serious looking runners and walkers about the place, it is the starting point for climbing Helvellyn (the Lakes third highest peak), plenty of places to eat and drink, or just a nice place to wander through – so we did!

It was then maybe less than a mile on to Patterdale, so we carried on, passing this particular crowd of daffodils in the church yard.

Patterdale was just a few houses and hotels as well as the start of the footpath traversing the other side of the Lake and so we turned about and started to make our way back. 5.5 miles return trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

We don’t need the sun for a lovely walk but it certainly makes it lovelier!

6 more sleeps before Scotland!

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