A lovely day and walk around Derwent Water…..

A little chilly but otherwise a pretty good start to the day which just got better and better. We parked up at one of the NT car parks near Derwent Water and we’re soon down in the shore enjoying this wonderful sunshine.

Instead of heading north towards Keswick at the top of the lake.We took the lakeside footpath southwards.

After 2.5 miles, strolling and sometimes scrambling along the footpath we reached Lodore Bridge where it crosses the Derwent at the bottom end of the lake.

It was a beach with stones on, the sun was shining on the crystal clear waters of the river – a good place to take a break? We think so.

Having consulted Mr OS and finding no obvious circular route (within my capability!) we headed back pretty much the way we came.

A lovely 5.5 mile walk, with a little fly past by some sort of military jet on the way back.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is no doubt about it ‘life is better in the sun!’

I watched some rock climbers, working on what to me looked like a sheer vertical rock face of maybe 150 metres and then just 25 metres down the road the tail end of a Mountain Rescue as some unfortunate soul was being stretchered down to an ambulance on the road side – I rest my case!

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