A rather unsuccessful walk around Thirlmere…

Not such a nice day today, quite cloudy and with a cold breeze blowing as we set off for a walk around Thirlmere. We found a lay-by half way down the lake and set off from there.

We walked along the footpath heading north, up and down it took us only offering glimpses through the trees of Thirlmere.

After a couple of miles we were reaching the head of the lake and had the choice of continuing lakeside around Great How or following How Beck. We chose the How Beck route, which turned out to be a mistake as we wanted to see the dam at the head of the lake but ….

It was not to be, as there was no alternative route apart from back the way we had come so the dam shall remain a mystery! Did you know that every ninth glass of water drunk in the North West comes from Thirlmere? Me either! A little reminder of Spring. We returned to the car following the footpath up the opposite side of the valley. A 5.5 mile round trip, even if it wasn’t quite the walk we had planned.

Two thoughts of the day:

Roadworks are so final ‘road closed’ that’s it, no alternative.

In 18 months travel, this is the first time I have needed to use a site TV booster – not bad really.

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