Troutbeck Head it is….

The sun was shining for us this morning as we packed up to leave Ravenglass and bid farewell to the coast for a couple of weeks. The journey to our new home was quite straightforward and at one point I was happily tucked in behind a couple of other caravans as we wended our way inland towards Keswick, where they paired off and I carried on solo to Troutbeck Head. Tucked away in a valley, out of sight from the main road is our new home for the next 12 nights, with amazing mountain views all around.

The weather by now had clouded over and our normal set up routine was punctuated by a couple of sleety showers (cup of tea time!) before we set off for a walk.

A footpath leads from the site into Matterdale Woods with tracks and footpaths heading off in all directions – plenty for us to explore.

We got caught by a couple of blustery sleety showers and that wind was cold but we managed a reasonable 4 mile circuit walking back the last bit to site on the roadside.

Just in time to catch a rather fiery sunset as we warmed up inside.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is nothing finer (in my humble opinion) to be walking along, stopping and looking all around you, seeing and hearing nothing but nature.

It is such a lovely feeling when you arrive somewhere you have never been before.

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