Drigg Point in the sunshine….

I can hardly believe it – a dry and clear night and lovely sunny day! As we are moving on tomorrow and I didn’t fancy spending much time in the car, we popped a couple of miles up the road back to Drigg. Being a Saturday and a sunny one at that, I thought it might be busier than our last visit, but no, again we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. This time I decided we would walk all the way along to Drigg Point. As we set out the tide was pretty much fully in but still plenty of space for Poppydog to run around.

Soon the tide left us to enjoy the beautiful sand – Poppydog found a ball, the sun is shining what more can I say?

At Drigg Point, the end of this natural spit of sand and dunes looking in across the river Esk and Ravenglass – stunning!

As a bonus we get to walk all the way back along this beautiful empty beach. Just my footsteps oh yes and miles and miles of Poppydog’s.

6.5 miles of sunshine.

Two thoughts of the day:

One walk on the beach and 4 tennis balls the richer!

How does this work? Poppydog doesn’t want to be with me – she wants me to be with her!

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