A change of plan and a visit to Muncaster…

Another grey and this time a somewhat damp day – lovely! We popped a couple of miles down the road to Bootle Station, with two plans in mind. Firstly, all week they have been firing guns into the sea from Eskmeals Range and I thought it would be interesting to see them land in the sea, if indeed that is possible, and this is the nearest point. Unfortunately, even though they were firing this morning, they appeared to have finished by the time we got there! Secondly, I thought we could walk along the path from here to take a look at Gutterby Spa – foiled again, the footpath came to an abrupt end and the tide was too high to make it safe to continue along the stony beach! Still Poppydog got a chance for a play and a dip!

Ok so Plan B a walk up and along Muncaster Fell, past Muncaster Tarn.

Up we went with some rather amazing views, inspite of drizzle and low lying cloud. Out to sea over the top of Ravenglass.

Up to the Cairn on Hooker Crag.

And across the Esk Valley.

The drizzle eventually got the better of us, along with reduced visibility the higher we got, so back down for a look at Muncaster Castle before calling it a day.

Look at these beautiful lilies – they don’t seem to mind the rain!

Two thoughts of the day:

So excited and looking forward to visiting Scotland.

Still working on the final itinerary for this year’s travels – takes some planning!

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