Whitehaven – not bad for a town…..

Overnight the fog has cleared and we have had a grey but dry day. We drove to Parton a rather ugly (lots of pebbledash terraces in varying states of disrepair and not a lot else) little village just north of Whitehaven to take a look at Parton Bay.

A rather grey stony beach with maybe a sprinkling of coarse dark sand, still it was almost empty and a stone is a stone as far as Poppydog is concerned! After a good run around for Poppydog we followed the old tramline along the side of the railway and sea into Whitehaven.

A pleasant though not overly exciting mile and a half walk. As we dropped down into the town, which is dominated by a large harbour with several harbour walls and marinas.

A significant amount of money has been spent on creating a pleasant walk around the harbour and out on the various harbour walls. The north beach is again mostly stony.

As we wandered around we came upon a couple of sculptures. The first, of John Paul Jones who in 1778 led the American Navy ashore in the town to spike the harbour’s defensive guns, before making his getaway. He was formerly pardoned in in 1999 – why? I’m not sure and nor would he have been at the grand old age of 200!

The second, another Colin Telfer (he of the fishermen in Maryport) sculpture – ‘End of an Era’ to commemorate all the men and women of the town who worked in the local coal mining industry.

Within the harbour walls are two sandy beaches – how lovely? Though I’m not sure how popular they would be for swimming? Still they are good enough for us.

Beyond the harbour wall is the South Beach a mix of stones and course sand – what a pity the two best beaches are within the harbour!

We wandered to the end of the harbour wall to the Lighthouse looking suitably battered by the elements.

With a last look south from the top of the outer harbour wall at maybe a promise of sunshine? A very interesting 5.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

One of those great days, where expectations were quite low and reality was fab!

Is it nearly spring yet?

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