Workington and Harrington – two for the price of one…..

Another grey and mizzog day again today. Today we are bound for Workington, not your typical seaside town, or in anyway pretty but as it sits on the coast we need to check out the beaches. Firstly we drove to Derwent Howe and took a walk along the stony beach, heading south from there.

This was completely deserted, though quite a few dog walkers were out on The Howe (the grassy cliffs above us) so we ambled along the beach for a while.

To the north of the town, the other side of the port, a further stretch of stony beach meanders off past the wind farm towards Maryport.

We returned to the car and popped a couple of miles south to Harrington a small coastal village, similar to many others we have seen that are drab pebbledash terraces aplenty, with not a whitewashed cottage (fisherman’s or otherwise) to be seen! The southernmost beach offered a glimmer of hope in a rather large patch of sand.

The northern shore was mostly pebbles and weed strewn rocks, but empty so we took a walk along to see what was around the corner.

In the distance we could see Moss Bay leading back to the southern beach of Workington.

So some rather grey beaches to match the day but a good walk nonetheless.

Two thoughts of the day:

Even though these beaches aren’t what you would call naturally beautiful, there is still beauty in the colours, contours and textures don’t you think?

The traffic in Workington was pretty hideous – shan’t be adding it to my ‘must come back’ list!

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