Flimby to Maryport in some fine mizzle…..

Wet overnight and the wet mizzle stayed with us all day. We ventured out anyway and parked up just north of Flimby and headed straight down to the beach. To the south of us the stony beach (with course sand exposed at low tide) is backed by the railway line as far as Workington and all looks rather bleak, especially on such a grey and miserable day as today.

To the north, the stony beach is backed by open land (sort of not very sandy dunes), until the harbour wall with one of Maryport’s two lighthouses, perched at the end.

The Harbour Wall opens out to a series of dry docks, with some clear attempts at regeneration.

On a nicer day, I’m sure it would be very pleasant wandering around the dry docks, but there was no sign of any activity today and it all just looked rather grim and grey! With the single exception of the second Lighthouse, looking more like a giant street lamp!

A couple of attempts to bring cheer in the way of sculpture, the Aluana Auro, depicting the history of the town but to be honest really didn’t do anything for me..

And ‘A Fishy Tale’, which at least was crafted locally, albeit in my humble opinion not located in the best position to maximise impact!

We continued on and enjoyed a runaround (Poppydog!) and play on the beach to the North of the town which had much more sand as well as big slabs of exposed sandstone and stony patches.

Still further north, this beach leads into Allonby Bay, where we visited yesterday.

A damp but pleasant 5 mile circular walk as we ventured back across the Common to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Would I feel differently about Maryport if the sun was shining?

Actually where is the sunshine?

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