Our first glimpse of Scotland from Bowness-on- Solway….

Dare or need I say it? Another wet and wild night with a couple of light showers during the day and some sunshine. Today for reasons I can’t explain we decided to head to our northernmost beach in England or should I say northwestern most Bowness-on-Solway.

On the way there the Sat Nav took us the scenic route across a fair chunk of the North West Lakes and though very pretty, took us forever! Needless to say I ignored the Sat Nav for the most part in the way back! We parked up just outside the small village and walked along the coastal road for a couple of miles, mainly looking for direct access to the beach rather than over rather wet looking marshland, to no avail. This is mostly RSPB marshland (where Poppydog is usually not too welcome!) with warnings of sinking sand and fast incoming tides, so we just enjoyed the views across to Scotland instead.

Now Bowness-on-Solway is also the starting point of Hadrian’s Wall, a fairly well kept secret in the village itself as it took me two walk throughs with several false starts, including a sign for Wallsend B&B and this rather vague sign, to find it! This sign actually says ‘Hadrian’s Wall Path to finish at The Banks 130yds’! Self explanatory – not!

We did however persevere and sure enough down a little alley – the official end of the Wall!

Spectacular views across the Firth of Solway to Scotland – ah and access to the sands!

There are no actual remains of the wall at this end (some of it was used to build the parish church) but the start of a grassy path which covers the 73 miles to Wallsend on the Northeast Coast. We shall endeavour to find the wall later in our travels.

Two thoughts of the day:

Isn’t it funny how some times you happen upon things that you didn’t know existed and other times you struggle to find what you are looking for!

Scotland looked very vibrant across the water – I am looking forward to discovering if it is indeed!

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