An afternoon walking to Drigg Point….

Another wet and wild night – are we done yet? It carried on raining until lunchtime and then appeared to dry up for a bit so we popped down to Drigg to make the most of it.

The wind was pretty fierce again but this time blowing in from the sea rather than down the beach and unsurprisingly not another soul in sight. Today we walked south with the Drigg Dune Nature Reserve to our leftist a couple of miles to Drigg Point. This is the dune spur that lies in front of Ravenglass, separating it from the sea.

With the tide quite low, there is just miles of sand, the wind just taking your breath away if you stop to look out to sea for too long and fabulous patterns created by the wind and tide, stretching as far as the eye can see.

It really was most exhilarating and a bit of a bonus as the forecast had been for wind and rain all day – ‘living the dream’ indeed takes on many guises.

Two thoughts of the day:

Rain in the morning is really quite irritating as you pop in and out to walk the dog, shower, fetch water etc – whereas when you are out walking you get wet, get home, get dry!

I think there is quite a fabulous sunset going on out there judging by the colours of the sky, but I don’t feel inclined to leave my warm little nest to head down to the seafront to find out!

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