A walk from Drigg to Seascale…

A less wild night last night and a nice, if breezy day for us to enjoy! A few miles north of here, through the little village of Drigg, we followed the lane down to the shore (past a Nuclear Landfill – I dread to think!) and wow what a beauty!

Miles and miles of empty sandy with a sprinkling of stones beach.

Heading south would take us into the Drigg Nature Reserve full of gulls and other sea birds with the wonderful Black Combe in the distance.

For the sake of the gulls we decided to head north towards Seascale. Shortly the little village of Seascale came into view.

With the tall chimneys and bulk of Sellafield in the background.

In Seascale we passed the Memorial to the 11 victims of the West Cumbria shootings in June 2010 (3 were shot and killed at n Seascale) – I’m not totally sure that the memorial, a fort with canon is totally appropriate?

We continued on beyond the village, for another mile or so, though the beach becomes more stony it is still wonderfully beautiful and raw – we like!

A really lovely 5.5 mile walk for me and oh so many more for one happy Poppydog!

Two thoughts of the day:

Wow I didn’t expect this wonderful wilderness of a coastline – they may not be exactly pretty but fantastic for long walks and blowing away the cobwebs!

We’ve been in the sunshine most of the day but looking inland at the lakes all the mountains have been shrouded in cloud.

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