A wild walk along Silecroft beach….

A very wild night but we stayed warm and snug and atleast it was a dry day. Today we intended to take a good walk along the coast from Silecroft Beach northwards and found plenty of free parking on the beach front (actually a good mile or so from the village).

The beach was empty with plenty of stones for Poppydog to chase as we battled our way against the wind.

I’m afraid that a mile or so walking directly into this wind was enough for me, I took shelter behind a huge tree trunk and kept Poppydog entertained as she alternately chased stones or small seabirds.

Instead of walking along the beach to Bootle Station, we drove there and had another play on this similarly deserted stony beach. I think both of these beaches are sandy once the tide has gone out.

To the north of this beach is the Eskmeals Beach which is closed during the week and used by the MOD for shooting practise.

In the words of William Wordsworth “Here on the bleakest point of Cumbria’s shore, We sojourn stunned by Ocean’s ceaseless roar” – couldn’t have put it better myself!

Two thoughts of the day:

Stone walls – the Fells as well as valleys are crisscrossed with them – can you imagine the amount of work that went into the building of them?

How disappointing when a ‘taut psychological thriller’ is non of the above – name and shame? Why not? ‘Travelling Companion’ by Virginia Gilbert.

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