Proper sea at Haverigg with waves and everything!…..

A wild and wet night which can’t have been that bad as we slept soundly! The day was mostly dry, albeit still quite windy day, with quite a bit of sunshine in the afternoon – perfect. We drove along to Haverigg, our most southerly beach for this little section of our travels. In the distance we could see the dunes of Sandscale Haws, where we had such a lovely walk a couple of weeks ago, the big industrial buildings of Barrow-in-Furness and the north end of Walney Island.

We soon left the village behind and walking along the dune backed deserted beach, enjoyed the roar of the incoming tide and the wind in our faces.

After a while the beach became marshland and so we headed into and continued our walk through the dunes. Poppydog loved it, chasing about with complete freedom just bobbing up above the grass every now and then to keep an eye on my progress (just in case I was slacking!) or tearing past me on some important mission only known to herself! In the distance, seemingly our only company out here is HM Prison – if you have to be detained at HM pleasure then I’m sure there are worse places to be!

We rejoined the beach, which here at Haverigg Point is a bank of stones as all the sandbanks have been covered by the tide and enjoyed the full force of the wind whipped sea.

A lovely bracing 4 mile walk for me and probably 24 for Poppydog.

Two thoughts of the day:

I reckon a dune walk and a run on an empty beach is Poppydog heaven! Not surprisingly, if it’s good for her it is generally good for me – I know my place!

Keswick Camping Club site had to be evacuated last night due to flooding – perhaps I won’t go there after all!

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