We’re off to the sea, well Ravenglass….

After a very wild night, with it seemed non stop hail stones and very little sleep (as a consequence) we awoke to a better day, not great but better! Despite a minor panic as I temporarily mislaid the caravan key, we were on the road just after midday. A twisty, up and downy journey, with some breathtaking views (not that I was looking!) ensued, but we arrived safe and sound, just over an hour later.

A pretty, smallish Camping and Caravan Club site with very welcoming Wardens, even offering a little bit of sunshine as we set up. A cup of tea later, we wandered into the village to check out our new home for the next couple of weeks. Ravenglass is a pretty one street village that runs straight into the sea!

Well to be strictly correct it runs into the Estuary, which is almost hidden from the sea by two sand dune Nature Reserves.

We walked along the daffodil lined front to the village Main Street, with its two pubs and little Post Office / village store, to the gate at the end of the road, presumably for times of extreme high water.

This rather random sign was hung on the wall the seaward side of the gate – the village looks peaceful enough, but maybe…

Beyond we found a stretch of stony beach with some course sand being revealed as the tide receded. Great, Poppydog can be unleashed and expend some energy!

Two thoughts of the day:

The second half of our journey we were tucked nicely behind a big lorry, which was ideal, he was a bit faster down the hills and slower up the hills but if he went wide, we could too and anyone following couldn’t blame me!!

Now just in case you were wondering how far away from Rome I am at the moment (I wasn’t!).

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