Another day at Coniston….

Another wet morning awaited us and with the weather forecast for some heavy winds during the afternoon, I thought we had better get a shufty on so as to not get caught up towing in the worst of it! Fortunately I had a second thought and that was to check the forecast for Ravenglass, our next stop and they were already experiencing the strong winds (makes sense really as they are on the West coast) and would be through to Monday morning – so calm down Ms and stay put!

Excited by the fact that it had been sleeting through the morning, we decided to venture back up the Miners Lane up Coppermines Valley to see if we could reach the snow! Now this is quite a solid albeit stony wide track, the first stretch used to access the Youth Hostel and a few holiday cottages, the second stretch used to access the ongoing quarrying and the final stretch up to Levens Reservoirs (our destination) is still pretty descent and wide.

After maybe a couple of miles, we did it!, we crossed the snow line!

And shortly after reached Levens Reservoir.

Which looked mighty choppy (did I mention that it was blowing a hooley up here?) and very cold, so we didn’t linger!

A bit lower down and out of the wind (temporarily), we stopped a while to enjoy our surroundings and for Poppydog to have a little play in the snow.

Whilst loitering with intent – look what was coming in behind us!

Within minutes we were being pelted with snow and hail, visibility diminished and Poppydog and I did the only sensible thing, which was nothing! Poppydog took shelter behind me and we just stood there and let it blow over. Ten minutes later and it had passed through – how amazing and not at all scary as we were quite secure on a wide path. Phff and it’s gone!

The rest of the journey back down was nowhere near as exhilarating but we had dried out by the time we had completed our 5 mile hike and my rosey cheeks will be glowing all night!

Two thoughts of the day:

Well I had them earlier on and I don’t like to overdo things!

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