Off to see the Old Man himself…

After a thoroughly horrid day yesterday, where even Poppydog wasn’t inclined to do any more than the essentials, today looks a little better. The rain passed through by about lunchtime so we set off to have a closer look at the Old Man of Coniston.

Now I will say at this point it was never my intention to try and make the summit, for two reasons, firstly I know that the final climb is difficult with a lot of loose rocks and very steep and secondly the summit is snow covered and shrouded in cloud so not for an amateur like me!! However a lovely challenging walk with fantastic views is quite within our capabilities.

After a couple of hours the footpath suddenly became much steeper and we carried on for a bit aiming to reach Low Water Tarn but it wasn’t to be, the wind was pretty fierce up here and cold – still we probably made about 600m out of the 803m!

And found a couple of little blobs of snow!

With great views of the surrounding peaks, Lake Coniston and we could just make out Lake Windermere in the distance (I think!).

We started to make our way back down and looking at the map decided to return via a different route – hah! After a while we appeared to be heading back up again so we made a bit of an improvised detour which only involved climbing over one gate to join up with the Coppermines Way on the other side of the valley.

Part way down the weather broke and we were pelted with hailstones (fortunately from behind) all the rest of the way down to Coniston – the drying room will come in handy again tonight (pity I can’t leave Poppydog in there as well!). An excellent 9.2 mile walk to round off our stay here at Coniston – we shall sleep well tonight!

Two thoughts of the day:

I am mostly quite happy to not see any other walkers but when venturing up high it is quite comforting to see others about.

I have loved this couple of weeks ‘inland’ but am looking forward to seeing the sea!

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