From Great Langdale along the Mickleden Beck….

Another wet one! It rained all night and a gentle (but no less wet!) rain stayed with us for most of the day. Still we are made of sterner stuff so we parked the car at Great Langdale NT car park by the Sticklebarn (the NT only pub!). First we walked part of the way up to see the lower section of the Stickle Ghyll falls.

And then rejoined the Cumbria Way (again resembling a stream most of the way!) along the side of Langdale Fell with lovely views back along the valley as well as ahead.

We took in the lower section of Dungeon Ghyll Falls.

After a couple of miles the footpath having led us beyond civilisation, with only the odd sheep for company and the crossing streams of running water getting wider and more difficult to get across – we met our match!

Probably about 10 metres wide and 5 or 6 inches deep (I sent Poppydog across to gauge the depth) this torrent of water would be too much for my walking boots and so I decided to admit defeat and turn back. I had intended for us to reach the end of the valley, probably another mile or so, before turning but hey ho! Instead we took the earliest opportunity to cross the Mickleden Beck and complete our circular 5 mile (should have been about 7) walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

It would have been magical to see this area in full snow.

Even with the OS App, I still struggle to work out which peaks I am looking at!

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