A walk across Blawith Common….

Well we could certainly hear Storm Freya during the night as the wind rushed up the lake and through the trees but I’m pleased to say no noticeable ‘rockin’ of the van, so yet again we seem to be pitched right and out of the wind. Mind you it did rain most of the night but that had blown through by the morning leaving us with some sun and cloud until about 3pm, when in came the rain again!

I was a bit indecisive about our destination when we left site late morning with the result that we ended up driving along some tiny lanes up in the fells without any particular purpose just admiring the views, surprised to see that there was snow on some of the higher peaks. We eventually parked up at the south end of Lake Coniston and took a walk across part of Blawith Common.

We didn’t see any signs of any livestock (or any other kind of stock actually) and so I probably could have let Poppydog ‘off-road’, but I couldn’t be certain so she had to stay within the 8 metres of her lead. We followed a network of footpaths (some quite boggy with all the recent rainfall) up and over and round about until we came back down to the lakeside.

And from here we followed a rough footpath along the shore, watched some novice kayakers get wet and were tempted to give this swing a go!

Soon though we were surrounded by dark clouds, signalling time for a wet, short cut by the roadside, walk back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Make your mind up before you set off, where you are going!

If it is still about, might go on a snow hunt tomorrow!!

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