From Grasmere to Rydal….

Another foggy start to the day but at least it remained dry and there is still not a breath of air. We drove to Grasmere and parked in a lay-by on the main road just outside the village and set off along the footpath towards Rydal. Part of this walk was alongside the main road on a footpath, which was a bit annoying, though partly made up for by the stunning lake views.

After about a mile at the end of Grasmere, we took the footpath off the road down through White Moss woods, following the river, the short distance to Rydal Water.

From here the footpath wound back up to the road again, though we could have crossed over and taken the ‘Coffin Trail’ (an old route used to transport coffins from Ambleside to the church at Grasmere) part way up the fellside, which with hindsight would have been better. Never mind. At the end of Rydal Waters we crossed the footbridge and enjoyed a lovely lakeside walk all the way back.

Passing some odd field mates sheep and Canadian Geese!

And then down to the shoreline for a bit of stone therapy for Poppydog.

Back through White Moss woods on the opposite side of the river.

And round Grasmere to the village of the same name at the end.

Another pretty slate village with plenty of big hotels, pubs, cafes, art galleries and naturally outdoor wear shops. As tourists we visited the churchyard where William Wordsworth (poet) and his family were buried. The commemorative ‘Daffodil Garden’ just coming into bloom.

And of course…

Armed with a slab of the above which sat like a brick in my waist bag (it really is not like any other gingerbread more like a ginger bar – thin, crumbly and heavy! but delicious) we left the village after an 8 mile round walk, hungry, tired but happy!

Two thoughts of the day:

Some how this gloomy misty weather seems to suit the Lakes though it doesn’t suit my amateur photography!

I’m quite surprised at the number of visitors around and also the number of expensive and grand hotels – clearly a thriving tourism industry.

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