A wander through Matterdale Woods….

A bit sunny but mostly cloudy today, so we decided to stay put and just take a stroll through the neighbouring woods.

Apart from a few birds twittering away it felt like we had the entire Matterdale Woods to ourselves and enjoyed a very pleasant few hours pottering about.

We found this lovely little brook for Poppydog to take a dunk.

With a suitably stony little beach to play for a while.

A very nice 5.5 mile circular walk, straight from site, what more can you ask for?

Two thoughts of the day:

I just love the open space here, looking around you maybe see the odd farm, a few sheep and not a lot else – perfect.

Looking forward to the return of Line of Duty tonight, though I usually find them a bit confusing – which are the good guys?

From Glencoyne to Patterdale….

Not such a nice day today, a touch of frost on the grass first thing and the sun remaining mostly behind the clouds. We drove down to Ullswater and parked up at Glencoyne (NT), following the footpath towards the south end of the lake.

It was a very pretty walk to Glenridding being lakeside all the way.

The village, though small seemed to support all kinds of outdoor pursuits, you could hire motor boats, kayaks or catch the Ullswater Steamer, there is a Sailing Club and there were no end of serious looking runners and walkers about the place, it is the starting point for climbing Helvellyn (the Lakes third highest peak), plenty of places to eat and drink, or just a nice place to wander through – so we did!

It was then maybe less than a mile on to Patterdale, so we carried on, passing this particular crowd of daffodils in the church yard.

Patterdale was just a few houses and hotels as well as the start of the footpath traversing the other side of the Lake and so we turned about and started to make our way back. 5.5 miles return trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

We don’t need the sun for a lovely walk but it certainly makes it lovelier!

6 more sleeps before Scotland!

The sun shone on Buttermere….

What a lovely day, from dawn to dusk – not quite ready to get the shorts out as there is still a definite nip in the air but oh so lovely. After a stunning drive through Lorton Vale and along the edge of Crummock Water.

We parked up in the NT car park just above the village of Buttermere (just a few houses, farms, a couple of hotels / pubs and a cafe) and followed the footpath down to the Lakeside.

It was a fabulous walk, all the way around the lake with the sun shining on us and just birdsong for company. Though the walk is clearly popular as we passed quite a few people on the way round, we mostly were wandering along on our own. At the far end of the Lake, we crossed Peggy’s Bridge, stopping briefly to take in the view.

There are little stony beaches all the way round and Poppydog enjoyed frequent dips in the water as well as a bit of stone chasing all the while.

A lone fisherman enjoying the peace and tranquility of the water.

Still in the sunshine, we are back at the head of the lake.

At just over 6 miles a perfect walk!

Two thoughts of the day:

Though I have no inclination to climb them, I find the surrounding mountains just fascinating.

The NT car park here today was full (I got the last space) – what happens during the holidays – where do all the cars go?

A lovely day and walk around Derwent Water…..

A little chilly but otherwise a pretty good start to the day which just got better and better. We parked up at one of the NT car parks near Derwent Water and we’re soon down in the shore enjoying this wonderful sunshine.

Instead of heading north towards Keswick at the top of the lake.We took the lakeside footpath southwards.

After 2.5 miles, strolling and sometimes scrambling along the footpath we reached Lodore Bridge where it crosses the Derwent at the bottom end of the lake.

It was a beach with stones on, the sun was shining on the crystal clear waters of the river – a good place to take a break? We think so.

Having consulted Mr OS and finding no obvious circular route (within my capability!) we headed back pretty much the way we came.

A lovely 5.5 mile walk, with a little fly past by some sort of military jet on the way back.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is no doubt about it ‘life is better in the sun!’

I watched some rock climbers, working on what to me looked like a sheer vertical rock face of maybe 150 metres and then just 25 metres down the road the tail end of a Mountain Rescue as some unfortunate soul was being stretchered down to an ambulance on the road side – I rest my case!

A walk around Bassenthwaite Lake….

A cloudyish start to the day with still a cold wind but things improved with a drop in the wind and more sunshine as we set off for a walk around Bassenthwaite Lake. We parked near Kilnhill, crossing the wide river Derwent as it joined the head of the lake.

We joined the footpath, with the lake to our right. This footpath was a bit disappointing as it ran across field after boggy field but always with a strip of woodland (owned by Armathwaite Hall) blocking our view of the lake. It was clearly not a very popular footpath as at times it was difficult to work out whereabouts it actually went and the many wooden stiles had seen better days, being quite precarious at times and challenging for both Poppydog and I!

Three miles later, we reached the little beach at Scarness, muddy but in one piece and took a bit of time out for Poppydog to have some off lead time.

From here we headed away from the lake, along the lanes to the village of Bassenthwaite and we notice that suddenly there seem to be baby lambs in all the fields – Spring has sprung!

From Bassenthwaite (a pretty little village) we continued around in a loop back to where we had left the car, enjoying the views and sunshine that the higher lanes afforded us.

A ropey start but a very enjoyable route on the way back of this 7.5 mile walk.

A quick photo stop from the opposite side of the lake on the way back.

Two thoughts of the day:

Footpaths – either great or very irritating!

Dramatic skies have a massive impact on a photo.