Moving on to Coniston…..

A beautiful hazy day dawned (not that I saw the dawn bit of it you understand) and it is time for us to set off for pastures new. Not far mind, a handsome journey of just 21 miles, with only the last few miles being a little scary when meeting something travelling the opposite way – it’s those stone walls that do it for me! Once we had decided on a pitch, not easy as there was plenty of choice and lots of little openings that I just couldn’t make my mind up!

We did the necessary set up, rewarded ourselves with a super cup of tea and set off to explore. Within a few minutes we were down at the lakeside and Poppydog needed a refreshing dip!

We then enjoyed a lovely walk to Coniston along the Cumbria Way through fields and fields of scruffy sheep (who pleasingly for the most part didn’t poo on the path!). Rather than visit the village we returned to the lakeside and found a peaceful stony beach where I sat on a tree stump to admire the beauty and serenity of the lake.

Poppydog happily chased stones and splashed about in the water leaving me enjoy the view!

Two thoughts of the day:

After so much sea gazing it is quite odd to look out over flat calm water.

My perfect pitch – secluded (just me!), sunny, level and not too far from the loos and water.

A lazy mans walk in Aldingham….

Lovely start to the day, but it clouded over during the afternoon so we ended up with a bit of a grey walk. After enjoying the early sunshine on site, which brought on a bit of a spring cleaning feeling and I took the chance to get everything from inside, outside, for a good brush and shake to remove the accumulated sand and dog hair. That’s better! So a bit later than usual we set off in search of a new beach.

We arrived and parked up at Aldingham just as the tide was turning, to find it deserted apart from one lone fisherman, who soon packed up and left! Not the prettiest beach, but empty with plenty of Poppydog sized stones to be thrown.

And some lovely old wooden groins to add a bit of spice to an otherwise grey seascape.

We wandered up and down for a bit, but I mostly just sat on a rock and threw pebbles for Poppydog until we’d done!!

Two thoughts of the day:

There is always something of beauty on our walks.

Well we’ve been where we’ve wanted to go, seen what we’ve wanted to see, including some real little gems – so I guess it is time to move on!

Spring has sprung in Sandscale Haw…..

Well as promised a lovely sunny, warm, dare I say it ‘spring’ day – time to get the shorts out? Today we are off to Sandscale Haw a National Trust Nature Reserve on the north side of the Furness peninsula. Wow and what a delight it was too. The tide was fully in when we arrived and quite busy with families in the dunes and around the first bit of beach.

Walking along the pebble bank we were soon beyond the crowds and Poppydog given her freedom.

Finding a nice sunny spot, where the beach opened out a bit, we took a moment to watch the seabirds in their silvery mumuration just above the breaking waves.

Well ok to be fair every time they settled back on the edge of the waves, Poppydog chased them off again – still it kept us both amused!

The tide was falling away quickly and exposing a wonderful sandy beach (Dudden Sands) as we went around the corner, with Walney Island and Barrow in the distance.

We walked part of the way back through the dunes.

And then just couldn’t resist rejoining this wonderful beach, just getting better and better as the tide recedes.

A well worth it 5 mile walk in the first of the spring sunshine (even shed a layer in the warmth of the sun) – oh happy days.

Two thoughts of the day:

Is this it – Spring?

I love finding a beautiful empty beach and not having to share it!

Arnside Bore? mmmm….

After it had rained all day yesterday and most of the night, pleasingly it had turned into a light mist by this morning, n ot exactly clearing up but remaining dry and grey for the rest of the day.  Well it is the 21st of February and one of the highest tides of the year so we are off down to Arnside to see the Bore (tidal wave occurring a couple of hours prior to high tide). We arrived in good time and after parking up (no problem, though there were more people around, some to see the Bore and some totally oblivious!) wandered along the promenade, eyes fixed on the water. Good job too, no significant wave, more an eddy in the upcoming water and then in an instant the flow of the water changed from right (down stream) to left!!

Not as amazing as I was hoping for but quite surreal nonetheless. I guess two out of three criteria is not enough – you need a high tide, significant rainfall and a racing wind – today is flat calm! Oh well I can say that I have experienced the Arnside Bore!

From the promenade we walked up through Arnside Woods to the Knott – the highest point in Arnside.

And enjoyed spectacular views up and down the Kent estuary.

Finding some lovely open spaces for Poppydog to let off steam chasing goodness knows what to where!

Returning to New Barns Bay, to catch the water lapping the road as it reached it’s highest point and following it out along the coastal path back to the car.

A very pleasant 6.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

A bit disappointed about the Bore – was thinking how lucky to be in the right place during one of the highest tides of the year!

Now is the weatherman going to get it right? Time to get the shorts out this weekend?

Fell Foot to the top of Gummer’s How…..

A wet start to the day but by late morning the rain had left us with a lot of grey cloud and a coolish breeze. We parked up in the NT car park at Fell Foot and set off to walk up Gummer’s How. The first mile or so was up a steep lane, with glimpses through the trees of Lake Windermere below.

At the top of the hill there is a Forestry Commission car park, from here the footpath continues across the moorland and up a steep incline, much of which is up a series of higgledy piggledy stone steps – quite daunting to the eye but actually not that bad!

The top 321m !

We spent a while up on the top exploring all the different view points – low level cloud preventing us from picking out the higher peaks (like we would know then from sight!) but pretty amazing anyway..

To the north end of Lake Windermere

To the south..

And looking over to the ever present Morecambe Bay..

We rambled around up here some more before taking much the same route back down.

I have climbed Gummer’s How a few times as a child but I’m afraid it brought back no particular memories. This on the other hand…

The little jetties onto Windermere at what was Lakeland Caravan Site, Sitting in the shadow of Gummer’s How, where we spent a good few Easter Holidays as children pottering on the water with our dinghy – happy days!

Two thoughts of the day:

I wish I could remember better those childhood days!

Poppydog remains on high alert although Football Boy appears to have gone home!